For everyone who wishes to earn money by promoting us on various platforms, you have a real deal with us. Our affiliate partners are our dearest asset. In short, you may be provided with some commission every time a player joins the AW8 website through your links.

AW8 Affiliate Program 

Casino affiliate programs are player referral programs meant for obtaining new customers on the casino website. Also, a person who joins an affiliate program becomes a partner with stakeholders who market their services through URL links that lead the users to the website.

In short, you have the opportunity to earn money by promoting our casino online. The amount of commission you will receive will be a portion of the net profit you made for us. Despite the fact that each casino has a unique affiliate program, the services and offers are almost similar. Moreover, the whole system is operated based on trust while keeping both the parties, operators and affiliates happy and excited for more.

Here at AW8, online casino Malaysia, we provide excellent betting games and attractive bonuses for the members by offering them a range of Betting Games, including Sports Betting, Online Casino, Slots and Poker Games.

How to Join the AW8 Affiliate Program?

Joining the online casino Malaysia affiliate program is a simple task. Moreover, anyone can join it since it is free of cost. The first step is to register with The Company as an affiliate partner. You will be required to fill an application form with all necessary details as asked in the form. However, not much information would be required; your username and password might do the needful.

You will find your automatically generated ID for the affiliate program in the last text box of the form. Moreover, you will be contacted by the Company within three days of applying for the approval of the application. This new Affiliate ID is now your unique identity, and every time a person joins the website through your ID, the Company would know, and you might be entitled to the commission.

Your safety and privacy being of utmost significance to the Online Casino Malaysia, your contact information and every other detail you provide is safe in the database.

How the Commission is Paid?

The rate of commission is as follows:
Total Member Loss   Total No. of Active Players   Rate of Commission
1 or More than 1< 512%
Between 1 - 15,000528%
More than 15,000> = 540%
Note: The website has not included Poker in this commission plan.

The monthly commission rate (%) is determined by the number of 'Total Member Loss' and 'Total Active Player'; whichever requirement is needed to be achieved first. Besides, affiliates will remain at the lower tier of the commission rate for the following month until they have successfully fulfilled both requirements needed to move on to the next tier.

Here's the detailed process of payment of a commission:
  • All referral commission payments will be paid in the currency selected by the affiliate partner while creating the affiliate account (available in MYR and SGD only).

  • The commission will be calculated once a month and sent on the 5th – 7th day of the month.

  • The profit you earn will be transferred to your bank account registered with the Company within three working days after submitting the withdrawal request.

  • The minimum amount of withdrawal is MYR100 / SGD100. If the commission is calculated to be below this threshold, it would be carried forward to the next month.

  • AW8 reserves the right to change the Referral Commission percentage and method of calculation without prior notice. Also, we have a right to amend or add any terms mentioned above as may seem suitable to us.

  • Lastly, if the affiliate member's performance doesn't meet the program's expectations, AW8 reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any point.
Under the sub-affiliate commission program, the affiliate member can expand his career by establishing multiple businesses in another market. If an affiliate successfully refers to his friends or acquaintances to join the AW8 Affiliates Program, he will be eligible to earn an additional 10% commission depending on the referral commission.

How to earn profit from the AW8 Affiliate Program

The primary method for earning profit from affiliate programs is creating content that persuades other people to join the program. The affiliates place tracking IDs in order to promote their casino. All you must do is drive traffic to the online casino Malaysia, AW8 website through popups, banners, simple text links, and other methods directed by the program.

Note: We recommend you go through the procedure and commission plan of the affiliate program to make an informed decision.

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